Serious Concrete


The New Hartley Memorial Pathway


This commemorative pathway dedicates the names of all the victims of the Hester pit disaster on the site of the old pit head with is now a memorial garden.


The path was designed by Russ Coleman in collaboration with Rob Walton who worked with local people to produce a prose poem that weaves eye witness statements, newspaper accounts and a telegram from Queen Victoria into an emotive walk through the garden to the old pit shaft. the path was designed in black concrete with white letters in a contemporary font for the time. There are also commemorative hedgerow flowers cast into the path.



Concrete forget-me-notsFettling letters for the New Hartley Memorial pathTheĀ Opening Ceremony

Concrete Carpet

A couple of shots from The Comedy Carpet Blackpool The Carpet was the result of a twenty year collaborative working relationship with Gordon Young and Why Not Associates. We all meet whilst working on Gordon’s A to Z Fish Pavement in Hull as part of the 1992 Defiance festival in Hull. Many of the earlier works on this site were made in collaboration with Gordon Young.This is me “Touching up Matron” on the Carry On sectionThe last duties prior to opening (my father said he never taught me to sweep up like that! )