Seeds of Recovery

These works are the result of picking up stones as they laid around on a building site at Blackpool they had been pulled up through the ground as the site was piled for foundations. I also picked up the bent steel from the same site, the steel sat in a pile at the side of a large crusher and was the reinforcing left over from the crushing of old concrete.

The Steel is left pretty much as it was found and attached to the stones. I chose to polish these two stones to bring out their unusual nature. The brown one is a mudstone and quartz node and the green one is some kind of granite. I would love to know the actual provenance and type of stone but alas I am no geologist.

They remind me of drawings from my very first biology lessons with diagrams of seeds with plumial and radical shoots. Hence the seeds and there recovered nature.

The third seed is literally picked up off my local beach this is a piece of concrete with the shoot still attached.