Bronze plaques Stone Jetty

These small bronzes were done for the Stone Jetty Morecambe as part of the Tern project. They were part of a bird tracking game where you followed bronze footprints from the bird to the food. I carved them from a set of plasterĀ blanks.

The bird plates are about 30cm diam. and the food is around 20cm. The carved plaster items were sent to Martin Bellwood at MB fine arts for casting in bronze. I look back at these pieces now and wonder how I managed to put so much detail into each of the items. I did study lots of different images and drawings most of them were natural history illustrations, if you are into that kind of thing you will recognise one or two of the bird images.

These photos were taken around 8 years after they were first installed and apart from the richer patina they look as fresh as a daisy.